The Blog.

The blog "novetres.com" was created in 2008, when the domain was still '*.blogspot.com'. Basically It was about general stuff, as means of publishing the author's insane ideas. In 2010, It became mostly a way of sharing programming problems and answers (Python/FORTRAN95), and Calculus. I share answers to entry-medium level, making the student's life a little bit easier.

In 2011, the blog got a custom domain. It became "novetres.com". Untill 2015, when I had to decide my priorities in life.

Today, the blog is back to a free domain and a free hoster, currently '*.wordpress.com'.

Don't be scared if you find a goo-y poem or some radical political point of view. I don't use the blog for academic purposes only.

The latests news is that now, the blog will be written in both Portuguese and English. I do not use translators and English is not my main language. Please send me feedback regarding my typos and be warned: I have a really bad English.

The author.

I, writing this, am known as "Pina". I study Civil Engineering in U.E.P.B. (ParaíBa's State University) and I keep fighting to maintain a blog with academic quality content just for you, guys.

Formspring, Facebook and such, you can find in "Links".

e-mail: pina.eng.civil@gmail.com
whatsapp: +55(83)99917-9439

PS.: If you wanna e-mail me, please add a [NOVETRES] tag in your e-mail subject.

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